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Sad Moment Nurse Mum Hugs 4yo Before Leaving For Wuhan

This is the moment a nurse mum reassures her young daughter that she “will come home straight away” after “fighting monsters” before leaving for Wuhan to battle the coronavirus.

With the number of coronavirus cases increasing every day, brave medical professionals are reportedly being sent to the Chinese city of Wuhan to selflessly help those affected.

As most of the cases originated in Wuhan, volunteers from all over the country are being sent there to contain the outbreak, according to local media.

On 27th January, a team of medics from the eastern Chinese province of Anhui was sent to the neighbouring province of Hubei where Wuhan City is located.

Medics had to leave their loved ones behind just after the Lunar New Year on 25th January to help others.

One nurse, identified as 35-year-old Zhang Min, was filmed saying goodbye to her four-year-old daughter.

In the heartbreaking footage, the deputy head nurse of neurosurgery at the First People’s Hospital in the city of Anqing is seen hugging her young daughter.

She says: “I am going to fight monsters and after that, I will come home straight away, okay?”

According to local media, a total of 187 people, including the young mum, were sent to Wuhan to help coronavirus sufferers.

The team reportedly underwent special training the next day and were put straight to work at the overwhelmed medical centres in Wuhan.

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